Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm thankful for...

....quite a bit these days.  I realize that I haven't been keeping up with my posts in the past few days, so I wanted to update.  I'm very thankful for our new dog that we got on Sunday.  He's proving to be the perfect companion for our crazy dog that we already had.  I'm sure they are both happier now that they have a buddy to hang out with and play with.

I'm also thankful for my wonderful fiance.  He was gone for 9 days on a trip, and while it's always nice to have some time away, I really missed him.  I think that was the longest we've been separated since we were a 'serious' couple!  It really does make me so happy when he's around, and I'm so thankful to have him in my life.

Lastly, something that I'm EXTREMELY thankful for is the fact that my dog (the 1st one) is healing nicely from his accident.  I won't go into details because it makes me upset even thinking about it...but lets just say its been a long road of healing, and he's finally in the home stretch I think.  We had a quick re-check exam at the vet last night and she told me he is doing really well!  Yay!!  This ordeal has caused him and us so much stress and grief during the past month, I'll be so happy when its over.  I know he will be too!

Here's something new that I'm doing today that I think will be a nice refreshing break in the middle of a work day.  Every thursday there is a farmers market at the plaza in front of the Sears Tower ( I just can't call it anything else!  Sorry Willis people!), so I'm planning on walking over there on my lunch break today.  Hopefully I'll find some goodies!  At the very least I'm hoping to find some nice tomatoes that my hunny can have on his sandwich for dinner tonight.  Wish me luck!  :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome to my new blog!

This is the inaugural post of my new blog!  Last year in September I had started a blog about running.  At the time I was deep in my training for various different races, and I thought it would be fun to blog about my experiences.  10 months later, and I've lost the enthusiasm for my running blog.  I'm still running, but not as frequently or as seriously as I was back then.  I hadn't actually updated the blog in a month and a half.  So this morning I deleted that blog and decided to start anew.  This blog will definitely include some running, but it will also include everything else!  I find myself getting into a rut every now and again....where I'm just going through the motions of life.  Wake up, get ready for work, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed.  Doesn't sound too fun does it?  Well that's my life most days, whether I like it or not.  I am constantly trying to find ways to make life more interesting, to be happier with my life, and to love my life a little bit more each be grateful for what I have, and recognize that I am a truly lucky person.  So this blog will be a chronicle of my concious effort each and every day to find a new way to love my life.  I chose the blog title "l'amore della vita" which is Italian, and in English roughly translates to "the love of life".  That is what I'm seeking.  :)